Properties of Acrylic


The following properties apply to Mitsubishi Shinkolite-A PX200 Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheet utilized in the production of the Japanese baths.

The surface is stained by shoe polish and superficially stained by laundry blue, mercurichrome, fabric dyes, peroxide, disinfectant, bleach, benzene, toluene, lacquer thinners, acetone and iodine. It is not stained by crayon, washable ink, lipstick or hair dye and is not affected by petrol, alcohol, dry cleaning fluid, fly spray, detergents, olive oil, ammonia and citric acid, coffee, urea, tea, vinegar, most inorganic acids and alkalis and peroxide. Avoid exposure to acetone and all aromatic solvents.

Because acrylic baths are formed from one continuous sheet, there are no seams, corners or grout to clean. Being non-porous, mildew will not grow. Acrylic does not shatter or splinter.

If breakage occurs, the break is local or a clean single break with dull edges. In the harsh temperatures of the dry tropics, acrylics are virtually unaffected by temperatures in the dry tropics.